what is Punch noise solution?

Punching noise problems can be divided into no-load noise and load noise. No-load no-load operation noise Punch noise, it is the motor noise, the separation of labor organizations, the outbreak of block noise, clutch and gear impact noise. Load noise is an increase in noise punching, punching, selection (such as punching, drawing, bending) processing different punching process and noise exist in the open punch press.

First, no-load noise

1 Clutch noise. While away from the closing device punch at the same time, a lot of the whole county “Ding Dong” sound. This is the centrifugal force that the connecting rod slider reverses the material in the inertia force and the crankshaft is exposed to the sound of collision rejection. Habits: Clutch contact impulse size of the state of the clutch noise, material conditions determine the level of hit rate; the stiffness and damping of the character are also related to the war-related material. Clutch rigidity and failure of the two, in the middle and small tonnage punch high noise, the most widely used type of key to pass the noise of the lover, is a series of effects of incitement.

2 things the noise of the unit interval. Three punch and vice president of the crank slider body: crankshaft journal and crank bearing crank bearing big end bearing; (ball head); connecting rod small end and sliding ball head seat. Because the absurdities of establishing and plotting are inevitable, the fulcrum into which they are arrested retains a gap. Each movement between them, from the transition to liberalization of the fire, will inevitably bring a strong impact, broadband noise, high-frequency unilateral strong. The greater the gap, the higher the noise. Of the gap, the break, the slider to chat with a higher signal to noise ratio, to promote.

3 motor noise. As a power supply, the noise generated by the electromagnetic noise is the work of motor noise and mechanical noise of the atmospheric energy of the motor winding. Sound pressure level Motor noise and motor power speed, speed coherence. Motor electromagnetic noise, mainly through the alternating electromagnetic field to encourage mutual infection of the rotor and stator vibration occurs. High – frequency noise electromagnetic noise. Pneumatic noise of the main motor If the cooling fan noise, and the motor is a lot of transactions, cooling fan noise has begun to noise source. Dementia with little noise in the emergency command by rotating the lame nonuniform force components into the noise and vibration part when mitigating

Two, load noise

Wang Renyu load running noise source is stamping tool and workpiece or stripping plate and the impact of the gap between the process of torsion damage and punch. Punching process and punching shear torsion impact maximum noise

1 stamping noise. Punch process separation, leaving a lot of noise. Than the noise, attracted a large number of imposition of sheet metal stamping and embossing, pressure wave, flanging, twists and turns, noise small drawing process.

Torsional shot noise. Similar to the punch press, the hammer noise and punching plate thickness, hardness, and more, hammer speed parts, mold clearance state, such as coherent, increase the noise with these values. Punch work, punch and blank, blank and stripper plate collision attack is extremely strong, with the impact of the impact of increased speed of sound, as shown in Figure 1. The acoustic noise of the material and the self-collision can be far away from the measurement after the measurement has been put into practice. In the punch thick, hard material mediation, blanking Blanking noise is thinner, soft material professional. The punching process handles the sheet thickness ductility, the similar size and the arrival of the impact noise.

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