The Function and Balancing Point Setting of Pneumatic Punch Balancer

Precision Punch The workpiece coordinate setting is used to determine the geometry, location, and coordinate system created by the tool relative to the workpiece movement for each geometric element (point, line, and arc) on the workpiece geometry during NC programming and operation. To ensure uniformity of programming and punching operations CNC Movement Drilling machine, the right-handed Cartesian coordinate system is usually used in the workpiece coordinate system.

When the workpiece is clamped onto the punch press, it is necessary to ensure that the workpiece coordinate system is in the same direction as the coordinate axis of the punch coordinate system. Precision Punch The origin of the workpiece coordinate system is the workpiece origin, or workpiece zero. The origin of the workpiece in the position of the workpiece can be arbitrarily chosen, but the best part of the workpiece on the workpiece map size can be easily converted into coordinates of the place. When machining a workpiece on a CNC precision punch, the workpiece origin is usually set to the right end (or left end) of the workpiece on the spindle axis. In the numerical control system of the constant punching machine, G54 ~ G59 are used to set 6 workpiece coordinate systems, and the functions of the 6 workpiece coordinate systems are the same.

When the workpiece coordinate system is set with G54 to G59, the workpiece is mounted on the punch with the jig and the coordinate value of the zero point of the workpiece coordinate system in the coordinate system of the workpiece is measured (the distance between the workpiece zero point and the punch origin) And store the coordinate value (offset value) in the corresponding parameter of NC system coordinate offset screen custom metal fabrication, and then use the commands G54 ~ G59 to program. In the process of workpiece origin offset can be automatically added to the workpiece coordinate system, so that the CNC system can press the coordinate system to determine the processing of the absolute coordinates. Therefore, the programmer can not consider the workpiece in the punch on the actual installation location and installation accuracy Chamfering Machine, and the use of CNC system, the origin of the offset function, offset by the workpiece origin to compensate for the workpiece on the table position error. Now most of the CNC punch has this feature, easy to use.

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