Pneumatic punching clutch brake precision punch press brake

Pneumatic punching clutch brake precision punching brake, the main road pressure motor power to encourage the flywheel, flywheel drive crankshaft, and thrust, so the practice of operation, stable, clean air is to ensure the stability of precision punching the foundation Steel structure machine. In the actual placement process, the air valve block is the first source to connect the punch air pressure piping and the natural gas pipeline to the air supply and 0.5-0.7 shrinkage, with particular attention to the punch air pressure pipe must be connected from the reverse of the punch pipe, 1/2) of my air, as shown in the table below, the air pressure is 5 kg / m2. But installed from the air source isolation state must be 5 meters.

After the connection is completed Tapping Machine, first of all, the trial part of the air out of the tube, the punch check whether the accumulation of dust pollution emissions, this is not contempt, not clean water, air, will cause the punch solenoid valve, the wrong action tube rust, easy excitement punch safety ACCIDENT. Then, the main valve is switched, and the air inlet is provided in the connection. Note: The consumption of air per minute refers to the intermittent consumption of air (1) Punch clutch hydraulic hole punch machine. (2) in order to ensure the punching performance of the press security and stability, press the pressure relay, the pressure is lower than 0.4, the punch can not start. In the punch of the purchase of many customers, our city trial punch interpretation of the Japanese standard-level accuracy of the results mean what is the detailed test of the project, is it the actual stamping production accuracy in order to solve this problem, we come here to our customers in detail Reply: In high-speed press punching production, punch accuracy is very important. The accuracy of the punch directly affects the life of stamping products, precision molds.

Punch accuracy is actually divided into static punch presses that are not affected by the accuracy of the load when the load is accurate with the message (stamping). Dynamic accuracy High speed punching Punching production is very important because the punch is useful and the actual load varies greatly, so the development of lattice has the difficulty of the ability, so it is not complete development, accuracy and accuracy of the punch press representation of the static. Punch is a set of mold use, processing operations need to do this group of mold to do the related movement. The relationship between the punching process is the right punch accuracy, the main table punch accuracy today: one, parallelism, verticality, two, three, the total time interval. Movement between the mold is not correct, in addition to depressed product accuracy and shorten the life expectancy, can also lead to mold assembly difficult, not the use of precision molds, and can produce serious impact noise.

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