Plane drilling machine in the use of what details

 Flat drilling machine if used properly, in the process of high efficiency, but also extend the useful life of the machine and reduce costs, the use of plane drilling machine Note the following:
1, CNC drilling machine drills should be in a special box inside the packaging, so as not to shock the machine when the collision.
2, the use of the machine, from the inside of the box to take out the drill bit and then installed into the spindle of the spring chuck inside, after the need to re-put back into the box inside.
3, to use microscopes and other non-contact measuring instruments to measure the diameter of the drill, which can effectively avoid the collision of cutting tools and mechanical measuring instruments.
4, the positioning ring is some CNC drilling machine in use and some do not use, if it is to use the positioning ring machine, the installation must be accurate positioning depth, if it is not applicable to the positioning ring machine, drill bit installed on the spindle Elongation must be adjusted well, for a number of spindle drilling machine to be more careful, the installation is not in place will cause the drill bit to the table leading to scrapped.
5, the wear of the cutting edge of the drill bit can be used in peacetime can be used 40 times the stereo microscope.
6, the collet and spindle concentricity should always check, at the same time, the clamping force of the spring collet also need to always check, because if the concentricity is not good, small-diameter drill drill broken and large aperture problem Occurs, while the drill and chuck skidding, set the speed and the actual speed does not meet is due to concentricity caused by bad.

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