When the domestic market demand for punch increases

It is understood that in China, high-end punch products, market competition is not enough, especially in the high-end products, as well as export growth, last year a foregone conclusion, the expansion of export growth factors, the domestic market demand, Efforts to open up the international market, coupled with the revitalization of equipment recycling equipment in Europe and the United States market demand for punching the manufacturing sector policies to ease employment pressure.

In addition, the first ten months of last year, China machine tool imports increased 2.1% for the fourth consecutive month, the recent growth is positive, according to the data from January to October 2012, processing centers, lathes, grinders, Of which 42,000 imported machining centers, valued at $ 4.74 billion, accounted for more than 50% of the imports of metal-cutting machine tools, accounting for 41.3% of the metalworking, metal forming and punching machines. Machine Tool imports. Although China’s punch tool industry output value for the first in the world, and for 10 years showed rapid growth trend, but the structural contradictions of the industry has become increasingly prominent.

Punch market situation is very grim this year. It is noteworthy that the China Machine Tool Industry Association survey of key enterprises: Although the machine tool market generally weak, but the high-end CNC machine tools and the corresponding products did not decline significantly, non-standard, personalized product demand growth trend, according to Machine tool products monthly export data growth has slowed from the beginning of last year’s double-digit growth gradually to single digits, and last August and October negative growth, the trend is clear down channel, defense and other key components are mainly concentrated in the user Of the processing, the domestic share of high-end machine tool products is very small, but also a wide range of problems, a considerable part.

Often, product homogenization and price war, the focus of the country, such as Germany and Japan, the main business for the Asian market, especially the Chinese market has launched a new strategy based on high-end under the guidance of expanding the mid-market, these developments further exacerbated Domestic dilemma of the punch industry, enterprises need to focus on dealing with several relationships, one is the relationship between the second, short-term interests and long-term interests of the expansion and the relationship between the three products of the four hardware and software construction is product development And industrialization.

Improvement of Electronic Control System of Punching machine

The first high-speed punch electric control structure is the punching motor through the pulley gears, gears, gears and other high-speed presses, the punching machine is a high-speed punching machine control system for the PLC program controller plus electronic cam, the control style is divided into two discriminant traps, Through the center gear with the transmission gear and electronic cam interface, the structure of the following career lost: First, too many intermediate transmission joints, service functions become a contraction and the cost of progress; the second is anti-appropriate Chen too long, not Timely control; third is the fault of savings, leading to the accuracy of the whereabouts of punch control. The second high-speed press electronic control structure is the crankshaft through the transmission rod directly with the electronic cam through, this structure simplifies the intermediate transmission, but because the electronic cam directly connected with the crankshaft, crankshaft down to form a straight couch to reach the punch electronic cam , The life of the electronic cam and monitoring accuracy caused great cunning.

The main motor is connected with the crankshaft through the V-belt and the gear. The crankshaft is equipped with an electronic cam controller. The electronic cam controller includes a rotating shaft and a spring pin. The crankshaft is provided with a mounting hole on the crankshaft, the crankshaft is connected with the gear, the bevel gear is provided with a bevel gear, the shaft is arranged in sequence through the bevel gear and the gear is connected with the crankshaft; the shaft and the crankshaft are connected with each other; Is provided with a pin hole communicating with the elastic pin structure. The shaft has a pin hole, the pin hole and the axis of the assembly hole are mutually straight, and the elastic pin is extremely elastic because of its elasticity, so that it is extremely easy to install with the shaft and can not loosen the appearance after assembling. The other end of the shaft is provided with a flexible coupling, the elastic coupling is connected with the electronic cam through a screw, and the shaft and the gear keep a certain gap.

High-speed punch support for the hollow structure, the bearing seat can play the purpose of shock absorption, warning punch down the impact caused by the impact of the electronic cam, shaft and bearing between the two bearings, bearings can accept radial Load, extend the life of the shaft.

When running, the main motor of the high-speed punching machine drives the crankshaft through the gear, the gear drives the shaft through the elastic pin, the shaft transfers the speed to the electronic cam through the elastic coupling, and the elastic cam is equipped with the elastic coupling, The device only transmits the torque on the shaft, therefore, in any situation, will not affect the electronic cam, punch press to improve the accuracy of electronic cam monitoring.

CNC three-dimensional drilling machine and CNC plane drilling machine What is the difference

CNC three-dimensional drilling machine and the difference between the CNC drilling plane, in the three-dimensional and two-word, from the two words to a deeper level to understand the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine and the difference between the main plane drilling are the following:
1, NC three-dimensional drilling machine can be processed out of the traditional drilling machine does not come out of the curve, surface and other very complex parts.Because the computer with superb computing power, instantaneous and accurate calculation of each axis should be instantaneous movement of the movement, Out of a complex curve or surface.
2, CNC flat drilling machine to achieve the automation of product processing, but also flexible automation, which can be more efficient than the traditional drilling 3 to 7. As the computer with memory and storage capabilities, you can enter the program recorded and stored, and then in accordance with the procedures The automation of the specified order of the implementation of automatic CNC drilling machine as long as the replacement of a program, you can achieve the automation of different workpiece processing, so that single and small batch production can also be automated, it is known as the realization of the “flexible automation.
3, CNC three-dimensional drilling machine parts will be processed with higher accuracy, small size dispersion, so that assembly is easy, no longer need “repair.”
4, to achieve multi-process centralized processing, reducing parts in the NC plane drilling between the frequent handling.
5, NC three-dimensional drilling machine with automatic alarm, automatic monitoring, automatic compensation and a series of a variety of self-discipline function, which can achieve long unattended processing.
Clear CNC drilling machine and CNC plane between the two-dimensional drilling machine, the difference between the two can help me better choice of equipment, know which equipment is more suitable for their own production, select the right machine is also a guarantee of production quality!

Plane drilling machine in the use of what details

 Flat drilling machine if used properly, in the process of high efficiency, but also extend the useful life of the machine and reduce costs, the use of plane drilling machine Note the following:
1, CNC drilling machine drills should be in a special box inside the packaging, so as not to shock the machine when the collision.
2, the use of the machine, from the inside of the box to take out the drill bit and then installed into the spindle of the spring chuck inside, after the need to re-put back into the box inside.
3, to use microscopes and other non-contact measuring instruments to measure the diameter of the drill, which can effectively avoid the collision of cutting tools and mechanical measuring instruments.
4, the positioning ring is some CNC drilling machine in use and some do not use, if it is to use the positioning ring machine, the installation must be accurate positioning depth, if it is not applicable to the positioning ring machine, drill bit installed on the spindle Elongation must be adjusted well, for a number of spindle drilling machine to be more careful, the installation is not in place will cause the drill bit to the table leading to scrapped.
5, the wear of the cutting edge of the drill bit can be used in peacetime can be used 40 times the stereo microscope.
6, the collet and spindle concentricity should always check, at the same time, the clamping force of the spring collet also need to always check, because if the concentricity is not good, small-diameter drill drill broken and large aperture problem Occurs, while the drill and chuck skidding, set the speed and the actual speed does not meet is due to concentricity caused by bad.

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