Increase investment, increase the market share of punch Into

Increase investment, increase the market share of punch Into 2016, the domestic manufacturing industry gradually pick up automatic punching machine, followed by a substantial increase in demand for punch, compared with the same period last year, demand growth of more than 30%, to protect customer needs, to ensure the punch delivery and quality, to further enhance the punch market Share, Shenzhen IPM currently has high-precision processing equipment quantity and quality in the same industry in the lead position. Since the beginning of this year the manufacturing sector swept away the second half of last year’s decline, to the punch industry with new development opportunities CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, the face of opportunities, Shenzhen IPM increasing production lines and capital investment, the introduction of high-precision large-scale equipment, while continuing to explore, And punch from the R \u0026 D design, processing, assembly, quality control and other aspects of strict quality control to ‘punch precision’ as the breakthrough point, master all types of punch key technology, while full use of high-precision CNC machining Technology, Seiko production of each part, to ensure that each zero-zero parts and components CNC laser cutting, and ultimately to high-precision, high-quality punch for customers to maximize productivity. To create high-quality, precision presses, professional input to meet customer delivery and quality needs, Shenzhen IPM will spare no effort to increase R \u0026 D investment in technology, high-end press to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

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