Extended bearing life plan

A. Before commissioning the punch, first check the number of parts, check the parts of the processing surface and thread in the loading and unloading caused damage and removal. B. Punching the installation to the fixed contact surface coated with dry oil, in the active surface coated with thin oil. In particular, after bearing installation, be sure to tilt the outer ring coated with lubricant bearings. C. Bearing lubricant coating is also very particular about the application of grease lubrication cover all the roller surface, after finishing the outer ring position recovery, also need to cover with plastic film dust. D. Daily use of the punch should pay attention to cleaning bearings, first bearing into the oil, and then brush the surface of the bearing to the brush off the dirt, and then the appropriate oil heating, and then on the bearing ball and loopholes in detail Cleaning. E. Precision punch work for some time, to conduct regular inspections.


Remove the bearing, if the bearing wear is relatively small drill machine, can be turned on the lathe to achieve the correct geometry. Also pay attention to the eccentric shaft and bearing pads and the gap between the spindle and the bearing pad, if more than 1.5 times, should be replaced or padded adjustment H-beam Steel Processing Machine. Daily Care: After starting the main motor check three kinds of pressure without exception; Cylinder pressure, the provisions of the range is 5 ~ 6kg / cm2; Lock gas supply pressure, the provisions of the range is 4 ~ 5kg / cm2; Lubrication pressure, the specified range is 2 ~ 4kg / cm2. When the main motor starts, check the flywheel condition: Note that the V-belt vibrates when the flywheel starts china drill machine, accelerates, vibrates, and sounds for more than 5 seconds.

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