CNC three-dimensional drilling machine and CNC plane drilling machine What is the difference

CNC three-dimensional drilling machine and the difference between the CNC drilling plane, in the three-dimensional and two-word, from the two words to a deeper level to understand the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine and the difference between the main plane drilling are the following:
1, NC three-dimensional drilling machine can be processed out of the traditional drilling machine does not come out of the curve, surface and other very complex parts.Because the computer with superb computing power, instantaneous and accurate calculation of each axis should be instantaneous movement of the movement, Out of a complex curve or surface.
2, CNC flat drilling machine to achieve the automation of product processing, but also flexible automation, which can be more efficient than the traditional drilling 3 to 7. As the computer with memory and storage capabilities, you can enter the program recorded and stored, and then in accordance with the procedures The automation of the specified order of the implementation of automatic CNC drilling machine as long as the replacement of a program, you can achieve the automation of different workpiece processing, so that single and small batch production can also be automated, it is known as the realization of the “flexible automation.
3, CNC three-dimensional drilling machine parts will be processed with higher accuracy, small size dispersion, so that assembly is easy, no longer need “repair.”
4, to achieve multi-process centralized processing, reducing parts in the NC plane drilling between the frequent handling.
5, NC three-dimensional drilling machine with automatic alarm, automatic monitoring, automatic compensation and a series of a variety of self-discipline function, which can achieve long unattended processing.
Clear CNC drilling machine and CNC plane between the two-dimensional drilling machine, the difference between the two can help me better choice of equipment, know which equipment is more suitable for their own production, select the right machine is also a guarantee of production quality!

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