Association easy punch Taiwan precision punch

Association easy punch Taiwan precision punch – brand: Association easy punch Features: 1, security Continuously improve the active safety of the press, far to provide users with the most secure and reliable experience, the concept in the C1N series to get a full experience. 2, the brake The C1N series is equipped with an advanced dry-type brake clutch for all discs, and a precise, double-acting solenoid valve minimizes the braking time busbar cutting machine. In addition busbar bending machine manufacturer, the brake assist system Erduan device in the event of an emergency When the brake is detected, the brake signal is provided again to provide the brake signal again to provide sufficient power to ensure timely and accurate braking. 3, the user protection, both hands between the buttons and the fuselage and leave plenty of space between, in order to protect the safety of staff, at the same time, in the system design The hands to operate at the same time to start to ensure that avoid misuse caused by personal injury.

The protection of the user is further enhanced by the addition of a photoelectric protection device or a protective net. 4, mold protection Punch are equipped with imported standard overload protection device to protect the press due to overload stamping, deformation caused by damage to the mold at the same time, also installed a false send detection device can be used with automatic stamping die device to better protect the mold straightening machine. The company adhere to the scientific management, and carefully developed; quality and efficient, compliance about the quality of the letter, and continuously improve the quality of the staff awareness and quality of work, a clear quality objectives and systems to ensure that the advanced nature and reliability in the market competition Of the dominant position. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake special needs of customers specifications products.

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