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Reducing the Pollution of Stainless Steel Wire Heat Treatment Technology

The face of deteriorating environmental problems, stainless steel wire industry is actively exploring more environmentally friendly production process improvement methods CNC Steel pipe welding machine, in order to reduce the production of stainless steel wire pollution to the environment. Heat treatment refers to the stainless steel wire annealing process, as long as the surface to ensure that the stainless steel wire *** can be removed from the *** skin treatment steps, thereby reducing the production process of pollution.

(1) Ammonia decomposition gas protective hood furnace Placing the stainless steel wire on the platform in the middle position of the furnace body, putting down the inner cover and sealing the inner cover space custom processing machine, putting the heating mantle outside and heating the inner wall of the heating mantle, the inner heating element radiating the inner cover, Hot wire built-in heating. Inside the base of the platform, the ventilation pipe has mixed gas (hydrogen + ammonia gas), and the airflow is controlled by the air discharging pipe, so that the atmosphere of the inner cover is kept positive pressure. As the gas is inert gas, the wire surface does not occur in the high temperature ***, play a role in protecting the surface. This technology is suitable for heat treatment below 800 ℃ steel wire, such as martensite and ferritic stainless steel.

(2) vacuum pit furnace Vacuum pit furnace is the use of vacuum pump the furnace out of the air to a certain degree of vacuum to ensure that the stainless steel wire in the absence of *** medium heat treatment. This method of processing temperature above 1200 ℃, can handle heat-resistant stainless steel 0Cr25Ni20 Si2 and other large-scale steel wire.

(3) ammonia decomposition gas protection continuous annealing furnace By the pay-off device, sub-line planes, to the coating pool, water rinse tank, drying furnace, heating furnace, cooling pool, take-line device and ammonia decomposition furnace composition. Furnace using multi-tube high-temperature furnace tube, a single wire through the tube through the protective gas, play a continuous processing purposes. Applicable to the following Φ8.0mm stainless steel wire production, can get a good surface quality and pass the performance. In addition, stainless steel wire manufacturing enterprises can also improve energy efficiency and environmental protection by improving the utilization of energy and recycling of waste materials and other means to achieve the goal of reducing environmental pollution by reducing external pollution emissions horizontal boring machine.