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Association easy punch Jinfeng (Dongguan) mechanical industry production of forging machinery products to the parent company’s design drawings pipe welding machine, production technology and technology custom metal fabrication, management system modeled on the production of synchronous press with the parent company. Since its inception in 1998 cnc shearing machine, passed the export product quality license and ISO-9001: 2000 version of the international quality certification. At the same time to meet the high-performance, high automation era, the Association easy punch – Dongguan Jinfeng punch factory all from Japan, Taiwan’s large, efficient and sophisticated production equipment, and in order to stabilize and enhance product quality, High-speed, hot and cold forging various types of mechanical punch.

Association easy punch Taiwan precision punch

Association easy punch Taiwan precision punch – brand: Association easy punch Features: 1, security Continuously improve the active safety of the press, far to provide users with the most secure and reliable experience, the concept in the C1N series to get a full experience. 2, the brake The C1N series is equipped with an advanced dry-type brake clutch for all discs, and a precise, double-acting solenoid valve minimizes the braking time busbar cutting machine. In addition busbar bending machine manufacturer, the brake assist system Erduan device in the event of an emergency When the brake is detected, the brake signal is provided again to provide the brake signal again to provide sufficient power to ensure timely and accurate braking. 3, the user protection, both hands between the buttons and the fuselage and leave plenty of space between, in order to protect the safety of staff, at the same time, in the system design The hands to operate at the same time to start to ensure that avoid misuse caused by personal injury.

The protection of the user is further enhanced by the addition of a photoelectric protection device or a protective net. 4, mold protection Punch are equipped with imported standard overload protection device to protect the press due to overload stamping, deformation caused by damage to the mold at the same time, also installed a false send detection device can be used with automatic stamping die device to better protect the mold straightening machine. The company adhere to the scientific management, and carefully developed; quality and efficient, compliance about the quality of the letter, and continuously improve the quality of the staff awareness and quality of work, a clear quality objectives and systems to ensure that the advanced nature and reliability in the market competition Of the dominant position. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake special needs of customers specifications products.

Increase investment, increase the market share of punch Into

Increase investment, increase the market share of punch Into 2016, the domestic manufacturing industry gradually pick up automatic punching machine, followed by a substantial increase in demand for punch, compared with the same period last year, demand growth of more than 30%, to protect customer needs, to ensure the punch delivery and quality, to further enhance the punch market Share, Shenzhen IPM currently has high-precision processing equipment quantity and quality in the same industry in the lead position. Since the beginning of this year the manufacturing sector swept away the second half of last year’s decline, to the punch industry with new development opportunities CNC H-Beam Drilling Machine, the face of opportunities, Shenzhen IPM increasing production lines and capital investment, the introduction of high-precision large-scale equipment, while continuing to explore, And punch from the R \u0026 D design, processing, assembly, quality control and other aspects of strict quality control to ‘punch precision’ as the breakthrough point, master all types of punch key technology, while full use of high-precision CNC machining Technology, Seiko production of each part, to ensure that each zero-zero parts and components CNC laser cutting, and ultimately to high-precision, high-quality punch for customers to maximize productivity. To create high-quality, precision presses, professional input to meet customer delivery and quality needs, Shenzhen IPM will spare no effort to increase R \u0026 D investment in technology, high-end press to promote the rapid development of enterprises.

Analysis of punch press noise sources

In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Analysis of punch press noise sources In this case cnc ring machine, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Punch in the course of the operation will have a small or large noise punching machine for sale, the following to do a punch noise source analysis, punching noise can be divided into noon load noise and load noise. No-load noise is the no-load operation noise, which includes motor noise, the noise generated by the working mechanism gap, clutch and gear impact noise. Load noise is the noise generated when punching, in the same punch with different stamping process (such as punching, drawing, bending) processing of the same materials produced by the noise inconsistency. In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, First, the load noise In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, The causes of load operation noise are caused by tool and workpiece or stripper plate and blank impact, stamping process of twisting and punching. The punching and shearing noise are the biggest in the stamping process. Twisting noise. Torsional noise of the same type of punch press parts with the thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die clearance and other factors, the noise increases with these increases. Punch work, the punch and the plate and the discharge plate and blank impact impact greatly enhanced, with the impact of the impact speed also increased.

The collision noise and the subsequent material fracture sound can be measured separately, and this measurement method has been implemented. In the same punch, punching thick, hard material than the punching thin, soft material noise. For thick ductile sheets, the impact noise is the same as the fracture sound. In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case steel structural drilling machine, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Second, no-load noise In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Motor noise. As a power source, the noise generated when the motor work, including motor windings of electromagnetic noise, aerodynamic noise and mechanical noise. Sound pressure level of motor noise and motor power, speed and so on. Motor electromagnetic noise, mainly by the interaction of alternating electromagnetic field excitation of the rotor and stator vibration generated. Electromagnetic noise is generally high-frequency noise. The aerodynamic noise of the motor is mainly the cooling fan noise, which is the main noise source for a considerable number of motors. Mechanical noise mainly consists of some rotating parts of the unbalanced force excitation of noise and vibration generated when some parts of the noise.

Reduce the deviation coefficient of the punching machine operation

Reduce the deviation coefficient of the punching machine operation, it is advantageous to save the resources In the high-speed rough punch, due to the axis of each axis feed drive chain on the reverse part of the dead zone girth welding machine, the mechanical movement of the vice-backlash of the existence of such harm, the coordinate axis in the forward movement by the reverse Movement constitutes a reverse fault. For the use of semi-closed-loop servo system of high-speed rough punch, reverse the existence of defects will affect the positioning accuracy of the machine and re-positioning accuracy, thus affecting the accuracy of the product. At that time the punch industry is not only high-speed punch to high-speed production for the roughness of the punch processing has a very high demand in the production of high-speed punch when we how to control the roughness of the higher it? High-speed rough punch seat specification usually refers to the reverse axis of the CNC axis and positioning accuracy.

As China’s rapid economic progress, high-speed rough punch as a new generation of machine tools, machinery manufacturing has been lost in the extensive use of rough processing skills and the rapid processing of precision parts from time to time on the accuracy of high-speed rough punch is also proposed higher requirement. Although the user in the purchase of high-speed rough punch, the machine is very important to the seat precision, rated accuracy of the axis positioning accuracy and re-positioning. But what about the accuracy of these high-speed coarse presses? Current high-speed rough punch seat accuracy of the inspection is usually used in international norms ISO230-2 or national standard GB10931-89 and so on drill machine online. Opposite sets of machine tools, because of the different specifications, the loss of the seat accuracy is not the opposite, so in determining the accuracy of high-speed rough punch accuracy, but also pay attention to its use of the specification welding machine for plate. Precision Punch Rough punch seat specification usually refers to the reverse axis of the CNC axis and positioning accuracy. The determination and compensation of both are the necessary way to improve the machining accuracy.

producing precision drill machine brands, high-speed series

Punch, precision presses, punch repair, pneumatic punch Taiwan IPM company specializes in producing precision drill machine brands, high-speed series of punch (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, precision testing equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities and other advanced quality control methods to achieve ERP drill angle iron, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering high speed drill, with rapid response to market demand resilience. Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

There are two main characteristics of a punch gantry welding machine

Punch, the latest pneumatic press, 80 tons punch There are two main characteristics of a punch gantry welding machine, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and table arch and the elastic elongation of the frame; and lateral stiffness under the influence of the eccentric load of the horizontal displacement of the slider. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. In terms of the elements of the pneumatic punch, the accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation angle punch, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristic of the motion curve. IPM supply 80 tons of presses, please call to discuss: copper bar bending machine

Extended bearing life plan

A. Before commissioning the punch, first check the number of parts, check the parts of the processing surface and thread in the loading and unloading caused damage and removal. B. Punching the installation to the fixed contact surface coated with dry oil, in the active surface coated with thin oil. In particular, after bearing installation, be sure to tilt the outer ring coated with lubricant bearings. C. Bearing lubricant coating is also very particular about the application of grease lubrication cover all the roller surface, after finishing the outer ring position recovery, also need to cover with plastic film dust. D. Daily use of the punch should pay attention to cleaning bearings, first bearing into the oil, and then brush the surface of the bearing to the brush off the dirt, and then the appropriate oil heating, and then on the bearing ball and loopholes in detail Cleaning. E. Precision punch work for some time, to conduct regular inspections.


Remove the bearing, if the bearing wear is relatively small drill machine, can be turned on the lathe to achieve the correct geometry. Also pay attention to the eccentric shaft and bearing pads and the gap between the spindle and the bearing pad, if more than 1.5 times, should be replaced or padded adjustment H-beam Steel Processing Machine. Daily Care: After starting the main motor check three kinds of pressure without exception; Cylinder pressure, the provisions of the range is 5 ~ 6kg / cm2; Lock gas supply pressure, the provisions of the range is 4 ~ 5kg / cm2; Lubrication pressure, the specified range is 2 ~ 4kg / cm2. When the main motor starts, check the flywheel condition: Note that the V-belt vibrates when the flywheel starts china drill machine, accelerates, vibrates, and sounds for more than 5 seconds.

Small Precision Universal Punch machine

The MAX-40 is a 40-ton type ‘MAX-40’ for small precision universal presses drill angle iron. The guideways are housed in the rack, and the sliding column is extended from the upper part of the slider to the center of the slider. The price is 4.3 million yen. This machine has the following characteristics.

(1) officially equipped with hydraulic overload protection device, automatic shutdown when overloaded. (2) according to the height of the stamping part of the mold to adjust the electric section! Section, the electric hole section with Huan child height meter. (3) all the structure contained in the rack, good sealing sheet metal hole punch, low noise. (4) in the precision press machine set the control side of the electrical sweep. Compressed air and cam box drilling machine suppliers.

Pneumatic punching clutch brake precision punch press brake

Pneumatic punching clutch brake precision punching brake, the main road pressure motor power to encourage the flywheel, flywheel drive crankshaft, and thrust, so the practice of operation, stable, clean air is to ensure the stability of precision punching the foundation Steel structure machine. In the actual placement process, the air valve block is the first source to connect the punch air pressure piping and the natural gas pipeline to the air supply and 0.5-0.7 shrinkage, with particular attention to the punch air pressure pipe must be connected from the reverse of the punch pipe, 1/2) of my air, as shown in the table below, the air pressure is 5 kg / m2. But installed from the air source isolation state must be 5 meters.

After the connection is completed Tapping Machine, first of all, the trial part of the air out of the tube, the punch check whether the accumulation of dust pollution emissions, this is not contempt, not clean water, air, will cause the punch solenoid valve, the wrong action tube rust, easy excitement punch safety ACCIDENT. Then, the main valve is switched, and the air inlet is provided in the connection. Note: The consumption of air per minute refers to the intermittent consumption of air (1) Punch clutch hydraulic hole punch machine. (2) in order to ensure the punching performance of the press security and stability, press the pressure relay, the pressure is lower than 0.4, the punch can not start. In the punch of the purchase of many customers, our city trial punch interpretation of the Japanese standard-level accuracy of the results mean what is the detailed test of the project, is it the actual stamping production accuracy in order to solve this problem, we come here to our customers in detail Reply: In high-speed press punching production, punch accuracy is very important. The accuracy of the punch directly affects the life of stamping products, precision molds.

Punch accuracy is actually divided into static punch presses that are not affected by the accuracy of the load when the load is accurate with the message (stamping). Dynamic accuracy High speed punching Punching production is very important because the punch is useful and the actual load varies greatly, so the development of lattice has the difficulty of the ability, so it is not complete development, accuracy and accuracy of the punch press representation of the static. Punch is a set of mold use, processing operations need to do this group of mold to do the related movement. The relationship between the punching process is the right punch accuracy, the main table punch accuracy today: one, parallelism, verticality, two, three, the total time interval. Movement between the mold is not correct, in addition to depressed product accuracy and shorten the life expectancy, can also lead to mold assembly difficult, not the use of precision molds, and can produce serious impact noise.